International Journal of Techno-Management Research welcomes original papers from both academicians and practitioners on management and organization issues. The authors should follow the following guidelines while submitting manuscripts for the journal:
  • All manuscripts must be printed in letter quality (font size 12 in New Times Roman) in double-space on one side of A-4 paper with margins of at least 1.5 inch on all sides. Authors should submit soft copy of their manuscripts to the Managing Editor. Manuscript should not exceed 5000 words or 15 typed pages.
  • Manuscript of a paper should have a cover page providing the title of the paper, the name(s), address (s), phone and e-mail id of all authors if any.
  • Manuscript should be accompanied with a certificate by the author that the paper has neither been published nor submitted for publication elsewhere.
  • Following the cover page, there should be an abstract page, which should contain the title of the paper, the subtitle 'abstract' and a summary of the paper in single space, not exceeding 300 words.
  • References should be cited in the 'APA style'. Examples of how the references are to be listed at the end is given below:
    •         Book: Prasad, A. (2001). Alleviating hunger: Challenge for the new millennium. Delhi: Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.
              Article in Journal: Prasad, A. (1985). Peoples' perceptions of the atrocities committed on harijans in Bihar. Journal of Social and Economic Studies, 2 (1), 105-125.
              Article in an edited book:Prasad, A. (1988). Changing lifeways and thoughtways of Musahars in Bodh-Gaya. In Sachchidanand, B. B. Mandal, K. K. Verma, & R. P. Sinha (Eds.), Tradition and development (pp. 123-135). New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company.
  • Each Figure/Table should be printed on a separate sheet. Figures and tables are to be separately numbered, titled, and attached at the end of the text serially.
  • Underline any word to be set in italics. Avoid italicisation for emphasis but use it for foreign word in the text.
  • Use British spelling only.
  • At the end of the blind review process, the editor informs the authors about the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript. On acceptance, the author is expected to incorporate the modifications suggested by the reviewers, if any, and submit a soft copy of the final revised manuscript.
  • All material and additional correspondence should be addressed to: The Managing Editor, International Journal of Techno-Management Research, New Horizons Education Society, Sanghi Kunj, 491/33, Naya Parao, kath Mandi, Rohtak-124001(Haryana), India , e-mail-,
  • If the paper is accepted for publication, you will be reverted by e-mail.